Why clean?

- up to 40 % more yield due to clean solar modules
- get the value of your solar system
- A well-maintained solar system also receives its full warranty in the event of damage (hail, storm)
- You can deduct the invoice for the cleaning from your tax bill
. - Professional cleaning can detect damage to the electrical system or the solar modules at an early stage and remedy it immediately

Values received.

Use the full potential of your photovoltaic system:
The investment in professional photovoltaic cleaning pays off from a pollution level of 0.25% for field systems and 1% for roof systems. Due to various external influences such as road dirt or agriculture as well as environmental influences, such as pollen or bird droppings, the profitability of your PV system drops every year.

The right time

Our customers have their PV systems cleaned in early spring in order to be well prepared for the upcoming summer.
Many customers also have their systems cleaned in autumn after the solar system has "done its work" for the time being, as a solar system delivers good yields even in winter, provided the solar modules have been cleaned.
We now clean solar systems all year round.
In agriculture and industry we recommend annual cleaning. Solar systems on private households can be cleaned every two years or - depending on the location - also every five years. The sensible interval depends strongly on the location and inclination of the respective solar system.
Just ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

How do we clean?

- we clean your solar system professionally with the latest technology
- thanks to our 15 years of experience in solar power plant construction, we know what cleaning is all about
- with demineralized water and special brushes approved for solar systems, we clean your solar system professionally
- We use our cherry pickers in places that are difficult to access
. - for every solar system we carry out a system check in the form of a visual inspection
. - Should we notice any damage (e.g. hail damage, cable bite, etc.), we will make you an offer for the necessary maintenance work. So you have "everything from one source"

We know what we're doing!

Thanks to our 15 years of experience in solar power plant construction and well over 900 MW of installed solar modules worldwide, we know what we are doing.
We have been building PV systems of all sizes since 2003.
A professional execution of our work as well as a friendly contact with our customers is natural for us.

Aroused interest?
Dann Then contact us without obligation:

Phone: Office +49 7161/35 41 924 or Mobil +49 172/81 57 899
You can also send us a message via our contact form: to the form


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For almost 10 years, SST has been one of the industry pioneers in the photovoltaic sector. We would like to be a reliable partner for you, our customers.

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The necessary transparency, detailed documentation, comprehensive support as well as high quality results are a matter of course. In a strong and professional team we offer certified services which are regularly used by various technical management companies, logistics centres, investor groups or small and medium-sized enterprises.

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