Self-determined power supply

With our solar power storage tank you create a maximum supply independence and can live largely self-sufficiently.

Energy without sun

Electricity storage tanks (also called solar storage tanks or battery storage tanks) store the excess electricity from the solar systems and make it available in the household when the sun is not shining.


AC-coupled systems have their own battery inverter and are connected to the house grid independently of the PV system.
Hybrid systems or also called ESS, are power storage devices with an integrated inverter.
DC-coupled accumulators are installed between the PV modules and the inverter on the DC side of the solar system.
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optimal memory size

The optimum memory size depends on a number of individual factors. The size of the PV system, the expected electricity production, the electricity consumption and the consumption behaviour are relevant here. We calculate the exact capacity for your system.


With the promotional product Renewable Energies Storage (275) KfW supports the use of stationary battery storage systems in conjunction with photovoltaic systems. The promotion consists of 2 parts:
1. a loan from 1.1 % eff. annual interest rate
2. a repayment subsidy from funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy


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For almost 10 years, SST has been one of the industry pioneers in the photovoltaic sector. We would like to be a reliable partner for you, our customers.

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