Maintenance - optimum performance

First the good news: Photovoltaic systems are now very powerful and low-maintenance. In order not to risk a creeping loss of yield, you should nevertheless have your system checked by an expert every one to two years at the most.

Conscientious maintenance

To ensure that your photovoltaic system (PV) achieves the most effective yield and that your house is safe from fire, electric shock and other hazards, we offer you maintenance of the system by our trained specialists.


We check the complete operability of your PV system for the following points:
- Connectors on the roof
- Mechanical connections are stuck to the roof
. - Check the cables for possible damage (marten/rodent bites)
- Checking the inverters for performance
- Visual inspection of the modules.


Serious damage to photovoltaic systems, for example as a result of lightning strikes or storms, requires professional repair measures to restore the original performance.
SST takes care of the replacement of damaged modules, inverters and other spare parts as well as their assembly in the event of damage. Here it can be useful to think about a so-called solar repowering. Existing solar plants are equipped with more modern modules and inverters. In this way, energy efficiency is increased without existing rates of the EEG feed-in tariff being abolished.

Good to know

As the operator of a PV system, you are obliged to ensure the protection of persons and buildings. Through the services performed by our service team within the scope of an inspection or maintenance, you meet this obligation.
In the context of our maintenance contract you comply with your operator obligation and secure further advantages:
- Compliance with the applicable directives and standards (DGUV regulation 3, VDE 0105-100, VDE 0126-26)
- Ensuring the protection of persons and buildings
- Hedging of investment income
- Minimization of downtimes of the PV system or parts of the PV system

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For almost 10 years, SST has been one of the industry pioneers in the photovoltaic sector. We would like to be a reliable partner for you, our customers.

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The necessary transparency, detailed documentation, comprehensive support as well as high quality results are a matter of course. In a strong and professional team we offer certified services which are regularly used by various technical management companies, logistics centres, investor groups or small and medium-sized enterprises.

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